Home Team is responsible for Before Game and After Game protocols
(Prep will be quicker if both teams help)

Bob Moore

Before Game:
  • The keys to the locks and clubhouse are in a lockbox on the door
  • If the field lines needs to he chalked, the chalk and equipment is in the room to the left of the bathrooms
  • To turn on the lights in the clubhouse, and the single light switch for the bathroom. Both are to the right of the front entrance
  • Make sure to turn on the field lights one at a time, at least 1 minute between each one

After Game:
  • Sweep the dugouts & throw garbage away
  • Rake home plate and the mound, repair any holes
  • Cover both home plate and mound with the tarps (if rain is in the forecast the next day)
  • Turn off lights padlock the 2 bathoom doors, lock clubhouse and return keys to lockbox

Rogowitz Field

Before Game:
  • The combo lock for keys is on the main gate. This unlocks the garage, batting cage, bathrooms and clubhouse
  • The lights are upstairs on the left (side entrance on the clubhouse). There are two boxes, make sure to use the taller longer box with 4 switches on the left and 3 on the right for the lights.
  • Put out bases, line field (lining optional)
  • Remove tarps
  • Turn on lights for night games

After Game:
  • Rake mound and home plate, put on tarps (including bullpen tarps)
  • Put bases back and put all equipment in the garage, lock all gates, clubhouse, garage and bathrooms, turn off lights and place keys back in lock box
  • Take away all remnants of beer home with you and nothing in dug outs, throw away all trash

Rotterdam Memorial

Before Game:
  • The keys to the gates and clubhouse are in a lockbox on the 1st base side fence
  • To turn on the lights, go in the back of the clubhouse and unlock the door, go in through another door and on the left there are two switches for the lights

After Game:
  • After the game, unlock the shed to get rakes to rake home plate area and mound
  • Use tractor to drag the field after the game then lock the tractor, rakes and bases up in the shed
  • Put the base plugs in place, which are in the shed
  • Lock the gates, turn off the lights, lock the clubhouse, and put the keys back in the lockbox