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Jim Bonaparte



Jimmy Konstantakis

Doug Reisinger



Jim LaTorre

Mick Novak



Ron Lochner

Darrell Duncan



Mike Kane

Lex Herrlett



Tim Brown

Joe Burns

Andy Hoyle

Quentin Jensen

Ron Massaroni

Don Wixon



Bob Bolt

John Latorre



Jerry Hawkins

Steve Lounello

Wayne Newcomb



Erik Miller

Jami Burnetter

Brendan Roberts

Jim Kisselburgh Sr.



Jim Shook



Jon Martin

Mark Dabney



Don Dunham

John Kalinski



Ralph Caputo



Dick Stark

Ron Coon



Todd Baldwin



Kevin Jackson

Randy Craft

Mike Girard

Skip Treece



Jim Ansel

Tom Maney

Ted Martin

Jim McQuade



John Reel



Bill Harkins

George Rafferty



Doug Zmyewski

Dennis Scimeca



Bill Jones

Fellow CDMSBL Players,

To ensure that we maintain high standards for this honor, nominees must meet the following criteria:

  • Active league member for at least 10 years
  • Significant accomplishments both on and off the baseball field, especially relating to league matters
  • Leadership qualities and achievements in tournament play
  • Exemplary sportsmanship
  • Active involvement in community service and volunteerism
  • While not mandatory, championship play is also a notable accolade

Our process is initiated each year prior to the season.  Candidates for the Hall of Fame can be nominated by any CDMSBL member.  When submitting nominations, please include a brief summary of the candidate's accomplishments, along with any pertinent information that underscores why they should be considered for the Hall of Fame. Your insight and input will be invaluable in ensuring a comprehensive and fair selection process.  The email address and deadline for submissions of candidates will be provided at the time of the call for nominations.

Once a list of nominations is received by the committee, they will hold a series of discussions and will vote to determine the candidates.  We then share our opinions on these candidates and start formulating our thoughts on whom we feel is most deserving of this honor. Once our initial conversations have concluded we then ask the committee to submit their first round of votes on whom they feel is deserving of induction. Once the results are tabulated, these results are shared with League President John Reel and we then choose the appropriate action and number of finalists to move forward, if needed, to the next round. We will then discuss in detail the qualifications of each of our “Finalists” and then a second vote will be held from this list to select successful inductees. We have had several different scenarios unfold in past years whereby not only a second but even a third round of voting was deemed appropriate before we were able to come to a final consensus.  Candidates receiving a minimum of 75% of the vote (at least 6 members of the committee) will be inducted into the HOF.  There has been instances where no candidates received the requisite 75% and, as such, we did not have inductees that year.

The Hall of Fame Selection Committee is an 8-member committee as follows:

  • 2 Board of Director members (one will be the Chairman of the selection commitee)
  • 2 Current Hall of Fame members
  • 1 GM from 33+ Division
  • 1 GM from 45+ Division
  • 1 GM from 55+ Division
  • 1 GM from 62+ Division

We take this responsibility very seriously and we strive to make very deliberate and careful consideration for each of the potential candidates and we remain very proud of our Hall of Fame. This initiative is a fantastic opportunity for us to acknowledge and celebrate the individuals who have not only excelled in the game but have also made significant contributions to our community and the league at large. 

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