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By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications


Greetings!  MSBL is implementing a new procedure regarding our management of our ‘Player Pool’ website page to better assist managers and players to come together and participate in our MSBL national tournaments.


We feel that the tournament category of ‘Any’ is too vague and has become too extensive and outdated while missing the mark in our attempt to make it easy for a manager to review the entries to fill their specific roster needs. 


Also, with the new ‘search’ box located on the player pool page, we are striving to make it easier for someone to request a specific tournament need instead of scanning the broad description of ‘Any’. This eliminates countless contacts that may not be applicable. Try the new search box!


To that conclusion we have designed specific tournament codes for players to fill in for insertion into the ‘tournament’ section of the submission form to help narrow down a manager search. However, if you truly wish to consider playing in every national tournament, simply fill in each of the codes instead of ‘Any.’


Here is a listing of the new codes that will be utilized:


WS-World Series

FC-Fall Classic

HC-Holiday Classic

DC-Desert Classic

KC-Kickoff Classic

LO-Las Vegas Open

BH-Beat the Heat Classic

CC-Caribbean Classic


We will also continue to help you if you wish to compete in one of our regional tournaments held throughout the year across the country. Simply fill in the tournament you are requesting and we will post it individually for you.


Regarding all current ‘Any’ tournament listings, we needed to clean up our outdated page to make it more current. To that end we have eliminated all ‘Any’ tournament entries. Now is a good time for a little housecleaning and getting back to making the process more seamless going forward. Please re-submit your request if you wish to remain active, utilizing the new codes so that we can stay fresh. All other entries have remained posted.


Please send an email to with any questions. You can immediately begin to submit your Player Pool requests utilizing the new codes. The new codes are also displayed on the Player Pool page.


Here is the link to the Player Pool page:


Thank you for your assistance and we’ll see you in the dirt in 2020!

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