2022 Hall of Fame Selection Information

Fellow CDMSBL Players,




We wanted to send out this note today to let everyone know that shortly we will begin our yearly selection process for induction into our Leagues’ Hall of Fame, and to provide some historical information on this process. We begin with a basic criteria for qualification to our Hall of Fame which includes the following:

Active league member for at least 10 years and some combination of:

  1. Exemplary accomplishments/performances on the field including league and tournament play
  2. Exemplary record as a Manager
  3. Exemplary service to the league either through an elected post or through volunteerism
  4. Exemplary sportsmanship

In a nutshell our process is initiated each year as we first survey our current HOF members and ask that each of us carefully consider the current list of candidates and the information we have on hand for each. We then share our opinions on these candidates and start formulating our thoughts on whom we feel is most deserving of this honor. Once our initial conversations have concluded we then ask our members to submit their first round votes on whom they feel is deserving of induction. Once the results are tabulated, I share these results with League President John Reel and we then choose the appropriate action and number of finalists to move forward if needed, to the next round. We will then schedule in-person meetings to discuss in detail the qualifications of each of our “Finalists” and then a second vote will be held from this list to select successful inductees. We have had several different scenarios unfold in past years whereby not only a second but even a third round of voting was deemed appropriate before we were able to come to a final consensus. (The criteria remains that a candidate must appear on 75% or more of all final ballots to be selected) There has been an instance where no candidates received the requisite 75% and as such we did not have inductees that year.

Historically Hall of Fame members were selected by our board beginning in 2001 with Bill Jones becoming the very first member of the Hall. This continued through 2009 until in 2010 we convened our very first Hall of Fame Selection Committee which was made up of all current HOF members at that time. We then began a process of selection which has evolved through the years and includes each of our current HOF members. We take this responsibility very seriously and we strive to make very deliberate and careful consideration for each of the potential candidates and we remain very proud of our Hall of Fame. The current list of Hall of Fame Members and their year of induction can be found on our Home Page at the following link: Capital District Men's Senior Baseball League - (Albany, NY) - powered by LeagueLineup.com


We very much understand that there are many deserving players in our league whom have yet to be selected and we will continue to do our best to recognize and honor these players. If you have any questions regarding this information or would like to nominate someone you feel is deserving of consideration please message either myself or John Reel. Our email addresses are below.


Thank You

Jim McQuade





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