Important Announcement...

The CDMSBL Board Directors conducted an emergency meeting about the upcoming season on Friday March 20th.   

The plan was to start the season the week of April 26th with the balance of team fees due April 1st.  The progression of closures and regulations has had effects on these plans. We also depend on resources outside our control. It has become evident that our initial plans must change.


Further its evident, many of our players will lose income and be unable to pay their portion of team fees on time. Therefore, we are doing two things:  

First, we are extending the due date of the balance

of your Team fee to May 1. 

Second, we are delaying the start of the season to May 15th. 


The League is committed to providing for a full season and I have asked each Commissioner to plan accordingly. Should the season be curtailed by this new plan or circumstances prevent its full execution, 

refunds will be available and will be paid to you as GM's . These refunds will be prorated by that portion "not played" less the fixed cost already encumbered. ( such as insurance, MSBL dues and various expenses

already incurred) .  The board will review these new plans and any subsequent plans. If refunds are in order, they will make the decisions on that.  Please note team fees pay for the playoffs not just the regular season.


Our actions here are in hopes of preserving our CDMSBL 2020 season. We know our league provides a lot in our summer lives; camaraderie, healthy exercise, and competition.   Amid this crisis, we want to give you hope and something to look forward to . In meantime, it is my prayer that everyone stay healthy . Remember we are a strong solid organization.  


"we ain't goin' no where." 


League President , John Reel 

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